Production history of The Green Room

our past graduates

From the humble beginning as a one-act musical in Hollywood, CA, this small-scale musical has garnered awards, critical praise and accolades from productions across the USA, Canada, Ireland and

Below is our colorful history.)

Nomi Lyonns
Joel Craig
Cynthia Stearn
Chris Reidy
Directed by: Chuck Pelletier

Off Hollywood Theatre Company

The Green Room started as a one-act play by Rod Damer. Chuck Pelletier wrote the music and lyrics. It was performed at the Off Hollywood Theatre Company where Stephen Foster served as artistic director.

Hayes Burton
Kirsten Gronfield
Patrick Kallorin
Karen Volpe
Directed by: Stan Mazin

Group Repertory Theatre (workshop)

Workshop performance at the Group Rep Theatre where it was turned into a 2 act musical. Featuring the song “Nothing Can Stop My Boys. The CD was created.

Stephanie Gerson
Zane Gerson
Michael J. Willett
Jessica Gisin
Directed by: Stephanie Coltrin

Hermosa Beach Playhouse

The Green Room was produced at the 500 seat theater.  Modifcatons were made on the script and songs. The song “It’s All About Me” won the Songwriter’s Guild of America award.

Courtney Parks
Jacob Montoya
Jessica Goldman
LaFras Le Roux
Directed by: Kevin Caravelho

California Stages

The Green Room was produced at the California Stages where it ran for 5 weeks.

Andrea Carr
Alyssa Rojecki
Sean Colby
Tom Call
Directed by: John Bryson

Lucid Stage, Maine USA

The Green Room was produced at the Lucid Stage in Maine, USA.

Glenn Murphy
Mark Rellis
Ursula Hauek
Bridget Nolan
Directed by: Gary Powers

Garter Lane Theatre

The Green Room was produced in Waterford, Ireland making it our first international performance.

Katy Dusterhus
Matthew DeLuca
Ashley Eck
Nick Winger
Directed by: Cody Kaminska

Harlequins Performing Arts Club, SUNY Brockport

Our first college production was performed by the talented students at SUNY Brockport.

Alex Onski
Jessica Melanson
Cole Larson
Spencer Hari
Directed by: Jess Falcioni

Paramount Theatre, Canada

The Canadian premiere was produced by Reject Productions.

Adrianna Napolitano
Michael Goodbar
Courtney Speyer
Brandon Nichols
Directed by: Brandon Nichols

Studio Theatre, Little Rock

A concert version was produced at Studio Theatre.

Samuel Goldman
Lyndsay Palmer
Amanda Danielle Esme
Setffan Scrogan
Directed by: Jesse Saywell

Westchester Playhouse, California

A concert version was produced at Westchester Playhouse.

Brandon Cayetano
Kate Plasterer
Caleb Conway
Ellen Roubik
Directed by: Brandon Cayetano

Bryant Lake Bowl & Theatre

We made it to the big room. A bowling alley!
Performed at Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater as part of a UMN Theatre Arts Degree Requirement for Brandon Cayetano

Jesse Saywell
Marc Schindler
Brooke Christensen
Jennifer Schindler
Directed by: Robert Forester

Mezzanine Theater, Maryland

The show was produced in Maryland which lead to a branch off show called “Waiting in the Wings.”

Maeve Mulholland
Chris Greene
Kyle Emerson
Sophie Jayne Ceasar
Directed by: Robin Black

Belvior Studios, Ireland

The musical was produced AGAIN on the emerald isle. This time in Belfast.

Mary McNulty
Taylor Corielli
Isaac Matthews
Chris Jehnert
Directed by: Vanessa Rosas

BroadViews on Broadway

The NYC reading won Best New Show at Broadviews Broadway Festival.

Sami Staitman
Ariana Valdes
Eli LaCroix
Corbin Williams
Directed by: Jessica Jennings

Off-Broadway American Theatre of Actors

The Green Room ran for 5 weeks in a limited run Off-Broadway.

Zoe Vegh-Gross
Careliseo Blair-arana
Ashley Oviedo
Calum Mcmillan
Directed by Darren Numer

 ZOOM selection performance

Including a never heard before verse from “In The End” that was cut in Boston.


Meredythe Leonard
Michelle Kelly
Leo Ducharme
Connor Forbes
Directed by Paul Gymziak


During the Covid pandemic, the musical was streamed online.


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