Review Quotes

“A bright, beaming cherub of a fledgling musical. Composer-lyricist Chuck Pelletier’s skillfully crafted score is a satisfying range of musical styles.”  Los Angeles Times


“Critic’s Pick!”  Broadway World

“Being a four person cast and a one set show, this is a perfect economical choice for community theaters and even colleges.” OnStage Blog

“Electrifying, comical, soulful and melancholic.”  NYU News

“The magic ingredient is music. The Green Room — a show to enjoy — with music and a message to take with you.”  Sharpenicity

“Entertaining and made the theater rock with the laughing crowd but never misses to give out their serious message to the audience.” The Knight News

“Of course many might compare it to “title of show” with a title! It may be your Tic Tic Boom to your next journey, a wonderful achievement! Congratulations to all!”  Theatre Chat

“The lyrics were terrifically witty, the music hummable and direction was seamless even in such a small space. The story was fun and relatable for all ages.” Hidden Cabaret

“The Green Room’s small cast and simple set requirements make it a perfect choice for regional and community theaters.” StageSceneLA

“If you’ve ever been an actor, wanted to be an actor or known an actor, you’ll relate to the Broadway-hopeful dreams of these characters in their home away from home–the green room.”  Musicals in LA


“A surprisingly sweet (and sometimes bawdy) tale of ambition and talent.” Sacramento Bee


“This little musical will no doubt become a favorite among the musical theater community, if for no reason other than how well it mirrors the experience of so many young actors.”  Sacramento News & Review


“Striking, evocative and theatrical pastiche. Funny lines…Fun double entendres! You want to whistle and cheer.”  Munster Express


“Heartfelt, comedic musical received standing ovations. The musical arrangements were classy and full of invention.”  Waterford News & Star

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